Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wedding Tutorial DIY #2 - Making a rosette banner

Hello readers!

 I'm back with a quick tutorial on how to make paper rosettes with printed letters and turn them into a banner. It's really easy and the results are great! You can save money on your props for wedding or baby showers/photosessions etc.

 Here's one I did for a photsession for a 8 months old baby boy.

Here's how to do it:

1. Take an A5 sheet of paper and cut 1.5 inches strips on the length of it.

2. If you have a scoring board you can score the strips of paper every half an inch.

3. Start folding on the scored lines (accordion fold).  If you don't have a score board, you can straightaway get to this step.

4.  Add a bit of sticky tape at one end and stick the ends together.

6. Simply lay it flat and press with your finger gently to the middle. You can add some glue at this point or do like I did and stick the letters to keep it in place.

LETTERS: I printed out the letters in a fancy font and I used a glass to draw circles around them and cut them out. I could have designed the circles on the computer but I was too lazy to do it :)

This is how it should look. You can stick it on some pretty ribbon and you have a nice banner for your photos.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Let me know if you want to see more tutorials in the future posts.

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