Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greek style wedding invite - teal and white

Hey there readers!

I'm back with a model I made for a customer in Italy. She wanted delicate teal and white wedding invites. I made her a few samples and this was one of them  (the rest will come one by one, each in its own post)...

You can find this invite here.

I know most people would think... huh Greece: olives, white houses, blue water. Probably I would have chosen an olive green and not a teal if I had that thought process... and who knows how the final invite would have looked like.
But if you know me, I never think quite like that when I make my creations. In fact I shut down any thinking and I just let go of the feeling. It just kind of got together like this and even if it didn't hit me at first, now it just clicked in my head that this would make a perfect Greek Style Wedding Invitation in beautiful teal blue and white.
I think the embossing pattern matches exactly the laurel wreath (That's where my name comes from by the way) and the olive leaves!
The pealy metallic finish gives the center piece just enough shine to highlight a long gone glory of the old Gods of Olympus and the small scroll patterns I hand stamped just remind me too much of the Ionic Style Greek Columns :).

That being said, teal will match perfectly with a hot summer in Greece, in a small white house on a cliff overlooking the deep teal  Mediterranean sea... don't you agree?

And no, I've never been to Greece... yet! I think I got influenced by a book I just finished reading, a remake of the old love story between Cupid (Eros) and Psyche. It was a nice read that probably just made me unconsciously assume a part of Greece somewhere in my creative thought.

Whatever it was, I am very pleased with how it all turned out. Here's a wedding board I made myself :)
That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed my creative rumble ;)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hawaii wedding invitation - modified version

Hello bloggers!

Vanessa asked me if I could make my Hawaiian invitation fit into an envelope instead of a box so I took on the challenge and came up with 3 different models of flat flowers.
I didn't want them to be one piece and flat... that would have looked very boring and plain so instead I kept the petal-by-petal technique and got this:

She chose the first model, watercolored flower. I'm about to ship them so here's a peek of what the final wedding invites look like:

They all come in metallic finish envelopes and I think they're the perfect example of less is more. If you know how to combine color and simplicity you'll get stunning results for your wedding!

Here's another inspiration board on Fuchsia and Olive color combination (I made this one... you can see the links in the caption).
I LOVED the Indian bride on the last photo! Perfect to illustrate just how exotic can a simple color combo go.
Hope you liked my post today! If you did, share some love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kraft and white wedding invitaiton - cage and flower

Hey there readers!

I'm back with an invite that got born in a creative brainstorming with my sister. You can buy it here.

I love kraft but unfortunately we can't buy it here, in Romania. I need to order it from the US and it becomes pretty expensive. Nevertheless I decided to use it for a special, rustic and romantic wedding invite.

We also made a matching RSVP card and a handmade kraft envelope (but if I get any orders on this one I am going to buy the ready made kraft envelopes).

Special cut and embossed edge, diecut cage and a handmade flower made out of crepe paper for a delicate look. I used a piece of a diecut doily for the RSVP to match it.

I designed a text for the inside on creamy white cardstock and I decided to go one step further and add a lacy upper border to this one.

How do you like it? :)

And here's the usual board inspiration for craft and white:
Just love all those textures!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Quilled bobby pins - flowers for brides

Hello blogworld!

I've been out for a couple of days. I am working on an order of the Hawaii wedding invitation :)YAY!
I've been busy contacting vendors, gathering up all the materials and over the weekend I made 70 flowers. I will show you more details soon.

Meanwhile, I decided to finally photograph the hairpins for brides I've been making. These ones are ready to ship and you can click on the photos to take you directly to my shop where you can buy them.

Blue and white quilled flower  hairpin with pearl

Vintage flower hairpin

White and aqua quilled flower hairpin with crystal

White and aqua quilled flower hairpin with crystal

Vintage flower hairpin

Blue and white quilled flower  hairpin with pearl

That's it for today... I'll be back with more details about my work in progress so stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Budget handmade wedding invitation: ivory butterfly and pink

Today, I thought it's time I introduced the first of a whole set of invites for budget weddings. I know there are a lot of people out there (read: brides) that would like handmade invitations but are on a tight budget.

So, I'm using cheaper paper (please note that that doesn't compromise on the quality of the final product, it just means that... well it's not "shiny" or imported) and simpler designs.

You can buy this here.

And today's Etsy board to match this invite (please click on the image to to to the treasury and to the shops and products):

See you soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Deep red/ burgundy and white handmade invitation set - butterfly

Hello bloggers!

I am back with an invitation design I made for a lovely lady I met on Etsy last year. She wanted a whole set with RSVP cards and tiny envelopes for the RSVP cards as well.

I came up with this design: elegant hand embossed paper base and a textured diecut butterfly made out of parchment paper.
She opted for plain simple white envelopes so we added a printed pattern lining to each of them.
You can buy it here.

I decided to change the game a bit and make a board to match this out of other Etsy sellers' products. After a lot of picking I chose these: (please click on the photo to go see the products and shops)

That's all for today :)

P.S. If you are an Etsy seller and you make beautiful stuff that would match my wedding products, let me know! And I will feature you on my blog and in a treasury :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aqua blue handmade wedding invitation - white flower

I'm back with a set of wedding invites I designed for my dearest friend Ana. She got married in September 2012 and her wedding color combination was light aqua blue and white. So I came up with several designs for her.

She liked this model the most but asked me to inverse the colors:

So this is what she ended up getting :)
Handmade boxes of a subtle ivory with matching embossed aqua blue strips and inside... handmade flowers from a crisp bluish-white paper with pearl centers and a delicate looking text design on parchment paper...

Again the box idea is Meda's. :) Check her blog for lovely wedding stationery!

Talking about being romantic and delicate... these ended up fitting her personality like a glove!
Of course, she asked me to make her matching favor boxes which I ended up cutting by hand and gluing together after a template... a lot of work but well worth it :)
Here's a board of her wedding:

And if you need some more inspiration :)

Autumn wedding invitation - maple leaf

I love autumn. It's my favorite season... so rich in colors! So I couldn't ignore the pull to make a themed wedding invitation for autumn. You can buy it here.

I used a real pressed maple leaf and made use of my elegant writing embossing folder. I chose rich creams and kraft colors and the envelope is also handmade.

What do you think?
I'm seeing this as an invitation for a rustic wedding... maybe in a barn with a lot of rich browns and deep burgundy and even golden accents. I think it allows your wedding to go extra rich in color while it keeps it classy and a mix of elegant and rustic....

Here are some perfect inspiration boards I cam across:

Pretty rustic huh? :)

White rose handmade wedding invitation- red and white

When I got married I wanted a red and white themed wedding. I always liked the combination between the passionate red and the purity and honesty that white inspires.

When newlyweds step into the new life, they should feel strongly about each other. Love, passion and dedication and these feelings should be honest and pure to the core.

I chose to combine my handmade roses with fun elements like birds on branches and a delicate skeletonized leaf. You can buy this invite here.

The box idea is Meda's. :) Check her blog for lovely wedding stationery!

You can find plenty boards for red and white weddings :) Here are just a few I liked:

Look at the gorgeous cake with birds and branches!