Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hawaii wedding invitation - modified version

Hello bloggers!

Vanessa asked me if I could make my Hawaiian invitation fit into an envelope instead of a box so I took on the challenge and came up with 3 different models of flat flowers.
I didn't want them to be one piece and flat... that would have looked very boring and plain so instead I kept the petal-by-petal technique and got this:

She chose the first model, watercolored flower. I'm about to ship them so here's a peek of what the final wedding invites look like:

They all come in metallic finish envelopes and I think they're the perfect example of less is more. If you know how to combine color and simplicity you'll get stunning results for your wedding!

Here's another inspiration board on Fuchsia and Olive color combination (I made this one... you can see the links in the caption).
I LOVED the Indian bride on the last photo! Perfect to illustrate just how exotic can a simple color combo go.

Hope you liked my post today! If you did, share some love.

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