Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greek style wedding invite - teal and white

Hey there readers!

I'm back with a model I made for a customer in Italy. She wanted delicate teal and white wedding invites. I made her a few samples and this was one of them  (the rest will come one by one, each in its own post)...

You can find this invite here.

I know most people would think... huh Greece: olives, white houses, blue water. Probably I would have chosen an olive green and not a teal if I had that thought process... and who knows how the final invite would have looked like.
But if you know me, I never think quite like that when I make my creations. In fact I shut down any thinking and I just let go of the feeling. It just kind of got together like this and even if it didn't hit me at first, now it just clicked in my head that this would make a perfect Greek Style Wedding Invitation in beautiful teal blue and white.
I think the embossing pattern matches exactly the laurel wreath (That's where my name comes from by the way) and the olive leaves!
The pealy metallic finish gives the center piece just enough shine to highlight a long gone glory of the old Gods of Olympus and the small scroll patterns I hand stamped just remind me too much of the Ionic Style Greek Columns :).

That being said, teal will match perfectly with a hot summer in Greece, in a small white house on a cliff overlooking the deep teal  Mediterranean sea... don't you agree?

And no, I've never been to Greece... yet! I think I got influenced by a book I just finished reading, a remake of the old love story between Cupid (Eros) and Psyche. It was a nice read that probably just made me unconsciously assume a part of Greece somewhere in my creative thought.

Whatever it was, I am very pleased with how it all turned out. Here's a wedding board I made myself :)
That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed my creative rumble ;)



  1. OMG Laura, so glad you posted about your new blog on creation-faeries.....otherwise I would have missed out on your gorgeous wedding blog!Love your work.....all of it.
    PS: How have you been? How is Marc?

  2. Hi Juhi!

    I'm caught up with stuff. I have 2 Etsy shops and a venture with my sister... Thanks so much! I am glad you dropped by. I have so little time for blog hopping :(
    Mar's great! We're getting ready for his 2nd birthday :D

    How are you guys?

  3. I think the teal and white is very elegant. Thanks for including our Peacocks in your inspiration board. x

  4. It looks very nice and beautiful!


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