Thursday, May 5, 2011

Froget-me-not wedding invitation

So, here's one of my first wedding invitation designs. You can buy it here:
Before I start explaining its meaning and creative process, I want to thank my friend Meda ( for being one of my main inspirations in starting creating wedding invitations. Her designs are stunning! Don't forget to pay her a visit.

As the very recent "Royal Wedding" was so intensely mediatized, I couldn't help not to hear that Kate picked her bouquet flowers according to their meaning. So I was curious what my (long back ordered) pressed flowers mean.

Forget me not is one of my favourite flowers... because it's so small and very full of meaning. It means true love, hope, remembrance, memories.... about everything you want your D day to be :).

This special "forget-me-not" invitation has an embossed background and the pressed flower {yup, this is a REAL forget me not flower} is stuck on a piece of vellum. I used special patterned white paper for the envelope which is also handmade.


If you're interested in this invitation (or want me to design one for you) leave a comment or contact me.
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  1. thank you and sure you can use it..
    Thank you for the link back!

  2. The Forget me not flower gives a great accent to the wedding invitation. It really looks beautiful.

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