Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indonesia Sayang - wedding invitation with Asian accents

Hi there!

I'm back with another sample of wedding invitation... It has as a theme an indonesian wedding so it's perfectly coordinated with any Asian themed wedding. You can buy it here.
I have to give credit for the box idea (instead of an envelope) to my friend Meda (she has gorgeous invitations so make sure you visit her blog).

I want to come up with "fresh" ideas of wedding invitations... that's why you'll be seeing a lot of invitations inspired by themed weddings on my blog. 

This color combo is one of my favourites:

The whole invitation is handmade (including the box and flower).

I guess it can also be considered an "earthy" tones invitation. It would be suitable for any outdoor wedding because of the rustic feeling of the colors and kraft paper and simple string which contrast nicely with the bright orange and green I used.
I also played with textures and shines. As any fashion-conscient person would say: "you have to combine color, texture and shine" :). I guess I've done all of that with this invitation without forgetting the need for "luxury" in a wedding by adding the champagne colored base.
It's definitely not a "plain" invitation! That's why I chose the paisley embossed pattern (which is "fun" and "asian" at the same time).

Which takes me to the nice part: the meaning of its name. I chose "indonesia sayang" after a research on how to say "sweetheart/love" in indonesian... that's how "indonesia sayang" was born! :)


I also found a LOVELY wedding cake model with paisley patterns... isn't it gorgeous?

In conclusion, I think this was a very subjective invite model... Asian weddings are one of my favourites (lots of color and old traditions). Maybe because of my connection with the sour-sweet continet :).

If you're interested in this invitation (or want me to design one for you) leave a comment or contact me.
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